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About We Care Chemo Kits

We Care Chemo Kits is designed to brighten up a cancer patient’s day in the darkest moment of their life. Each chemo kit we provide includes purposely selected inspirational, practical and educational items to encourage the patient, ease the chemotherapy treatment process and enrich the patient and family hospital experience. With each delivery, we include colorful foil balloons, a plush toy for comfort and companionship and a heartfelt get well card written by a child.

The items in each chemo kit are donated by the community. A We Care Volunteer Survivor makes a surprise visit and hand delivers our signature chemo kit! A Volunteer Survivor is someone who has survived cancer. Our goal is for the patient to see hope face-to-face! Once the patient has fully recovered, we encourage them to become a We Care Volunteer Survivor to deliver chemo kits to other patients bringing it full circle!

At We Care, we are intentional about relationship building. We aim to inspire healing, friendship, hope, love and laughter through each delivery. If the patient allows, we stay and visit with them and follow up routinely. As a Christian organization, we also offer prayer to those in need.

We are honored to put a smile on each patient’s face.