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Reyes Twins

About Lucy Reyes

Lucy Reyes is a graduate from Pillsbury Seminary College with an Associates in Applied Christianity. She is a current Trinity International University student in the Organizational Leadership Bachelors program.

Her passion is learning and teaching God’s Word, going on mission trips, helping the less fortunate, and shopping at Marshalls for work/life balance. Equally important, is her burning desire to become an actress for Christian films and share the love of Jesus Christ through the arts, including spoken word poetry. She has been a guest on national television and aspires to work with The Kendrick Brothers. She aspires to be an internationally sought after speaker on topics ranging from life to death and keeping your faith through it all. As a future New York Times bestselling author, she spends her time collecting journals and books for added inspiration. On some days, she can be heard singing along to The Little Mermaid soundtrack and collecting mermaid paraphernalia.

Lucy’s major life accomplishments to date have been caring for her mother during cancer treatment, raising her four nieces and nephews full-time for two years after her mother’s passing, serving as her twin sister’s primary caregiver during each hospitalization, co-leading a Women’s Ministry, studying under Joyce Meyer Ministries at the St. Louis Dream Center, saving a newborn kitten from getting ran over, and most recently donating her stem cells to her twin sister, Gisenia.